MLCC – General, Hi Q, Hi Voltage, High Capacitance , Low ESR/ESL, Chip Inductors – Hi Freq, Hi Power, Beads, Varistors, LTCC -LPF/Band pass/Diplexers. SMD Xtal & Osc.


Electrolytic Capacitors SMT/TH , Electric Double Layer , Inductors (ETQ-series) have excellent „non-hard“-saturation characteristics at high switching frequencies.ferrite Choke Coils the smallest SMD Choke Coils features values from 1uH to 33mH 3x3mmFilm Capacitors Surface Mount / leaded (Metallized) – tight tolerances, low ESR, low dissipation factors, no shock noise, no piezoelectric Surface Mount Film Capacitor applications include DC blocking and filtering, LL, audio, DC/DC converter and back lighting

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Resistors Chip and TH , Resistors – Thin Film , Low ohmic, Res Arrays , Chip Antenna, PIFA, LTCC Filters, Balun , Ceramic EMI Filters , SMD Varistors , Chip Inductors, Electrotlytic Caps.

LTCC Filter ,Balun ,Power Inductor – Shield and Non shield Chip Inductor -Ferrite and Ceramic , Data Line Filter, CMC, Chocks,Transformers

Inductors- Power, Thin Film , Low profile, shielded Resistors – Hi Volt, Hi Power, Hi Precision 0.01%/5ppm, Thin Film Capacitors for RF .

Chip Tantalum capacitors: General purpose, low ESR, Automotive Grade, Radial Epoxy dipped

capacitors: Aluminum Electrolytic, Ceramic Disc, MLCC, Film, TVS, Resettable fuses (PPTC), X1/Y2, Safety Disc: X1/Y1 & X1/Y2.