MLCC: General & High cap, Acoustic, Noise, embedded, Hi-frequency, Soft-termination, Voltage, Automotive.


Capacitors: Polymer cap OS-CONTM & POSCAPTM ,Low ESR, ESL, aluminum Electrolytic Cap SMD, Double layer. Inductors: Multilayer, Power, Automotive. Wireless: Bluetooth modules, BLE, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, Combo BT+Wi-Fi NFC Tags, MOSFETs, GaN Power devices up to 600V in DFN 6×4, DFN 8×8 packages, Hybrid polymer EL.

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Resistors: Thin Film, Automotive, current sensing, Sulfur, Low Ohmic, Array, Precision, Attenuator. Capacitors: MLCC, RF: Chip Antenna,PIFA, LTCC, EMI Filter, X2Y.

LTCC Filter ,Balun ,Power Inductor – Shield and Non shield Chip Inductor -Ferrite and Ceramic , Data Line Filter, CMC, Chocks,Transformers, Antenna.

Inductors: Chip types (Thin Film, Multilayer, Wire-Wound), Power (Miniature, Non-shielded, Shielded), Automotive. Resistors: Hi Voltage, Hi Power, Hi Precision, Network, Leaded, Automotive.

capacitors: Aluminum Electrolytic, Ceramic Disc, MLCC, Film, TVS, Resettable fuses (PPTC), X1/Y2, Safety Disc: X1/Y1 & X1/Y2.