Connectors & Cables

//Connectors & Cables

Amphenol Industrial Products Group which offer world-class engineering and manufacturing capabilities: and complete customized interconnect solutions


Connectors: PCB, D-Sub & Combo, FFC, USB, SMD, Power,Micro-Fit,Telephone jacks RJ45 with Filter & Leds telecom conn, Half-Pitch, Cable Assembly & Harness.



Narrow pitch connectors: up to 0.35mm Micro coaxial connectors, FFC, Led lighting connectors, Relays, Switches


Connector & Cables manufacturer since 1994 , HQ in Atlanta, USA. Connectors : Card, RF, Mini-PCI , Audio & Video, DC power, I/O, Custom. RF Shield Cans & Cans Assemblies. Standard & Custom made Cable Assembly.

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Terminal-Blocks, IC Sockets & Headers SMD, Adaptors, Pin strip Low profile, Barrier Strip.

All Best

SFP+, QSFP+, CXP, XFP, InfiniBand, micro-D sub, External PCI-Express & Mini SAS, VHDCI &SCSI.



Smart Card & Memory Card conn, In & Out connectors, PCB Conn, Batt holders, cable Assembly


Fine pitch Board To Board Solutions SATA and I/O Connectors. Cable Assembly & Cable harness.



Terminal Blocks: Pluggable, PCB Screw, PCB Spring, Barrier type.





Hybridconnectors (signal+power) Micro-fitHi® PowerConn, HPSU Connector, DDR3 + DDR4 socket, M.2 Conn, TYPE C USB 2nd gen 10G, connectors & cables, High Speed POGO PIN, MIM Product

RF Connectors: SMA, SMB, F, BNC, N, TNC , MCX, MMCX, PAL, UHF, FME, Micro coax, RF Cable assembly, Optical Fiber Patch cord

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