SMD Led: Top & Side view, Reverse mount type, Mono, Bi & RGB colors, Lighting, Automotive, UV, RGB+W Leds, PLCC, IR products, Optical switches, ITR portfolio, Photo-couplers & Photo Transistors




Production of high-quality Leds: SMD, Automotive, Horticulture, RGB, RGB+W, IC, IR, Lighting, UV & Photo-couplers


Customized: square, round, shaped, drilled displays in sizes: 0.96”~21”, in all technologies: Mono-TFT, total reflection TFT, LTPS display, OLED, AMOLED, flexible OLED and others

Design and manufacturing of LCD/LCM/TFT/OLED models, specialized in TFT sized from 1.77” – 12.1” with varying brightness levels, resolutions and viewing angles, and Monochrome LCD/LCM in TN/STN/FSTN/VATN types.