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Discrete: MosFET, Bipolar, IGBTs, Diodes and Rectifiers, Protection Devices Analog: Linear, Sensors, Audio, PWM: AC-DC Converters, DC-DC & LED Drivers, Motor Control, Gate driver, Battery Management System,LDO Logic.

A/D & D/A converters in resolution grades ranging from 8 to 16 bits and speed grades ranging from 10 Msps to 64 Gsps

Surge protection – TVS, TSS (Thyristor), MOV (Varistor), ESD, GDT (Gas), PTC. ISO TS16949 compliant.


Clock Buffers & Clock Generators/Synthesizer, HiFlex, PCI Express (PCIe) & Clock Generators, Real Time Clock (RTC).


GaAs & GaN MMIC Amplifiers: High power (1-25W), Medium power, Gain Block, IF, GPS / DVB / XM, LNAs, CATV / SMATV up to K band. 1-stage & 2-stage Internally Matched Mini-modules: LNAs, PAs, PLLs.




fabless manufacturer of legacy memory products that are pin for pin drop-in replacements for SRAM and DRAM ICs from Micron, Samsung, ISSI, Cypress, Nanya, Hynix and others. The portfolio includes a full range of 3.3V and 5V Asynchronous SRAMs and synchronous SRAMs, low-power SRAMs, 3.3V synchronous DRAMs (SDR), mobile DDRs, 2.5V single (DDR1), 1.8V double (DDR2), and 1.5V and 1.35V triple rate (DDR3) synchronous DRAMs.




Discretes: Transistors, Power MOSFETs, Diodes IC: Power Managements, Multiplexers/Demultiplexers, Operational Amplifier/Audio Amplifier, Interface & Driver