HUBER+SUHNER has developed the first portable
Low PIM Load with female 4.3-10 interface.
It supports the test and measurement duties  CIDEV presents - HUBER+ SUHNER Portable 4.3-10
during PIM hunting on cell sites.
Especially while commissioning, troubleshooting or service and maintenance.
The new portable Low PIM Load comprises excellent electrical performance and
supports the common 2-tone-test PIM testing according to IEC 62037 and also
Passive RF and Microwave Devices, Intermodulation Level Measurement.



  • Compact and portable Low PIM Load / Termination
  • supporting infield/on-site Configuration
  • 4.3-10 female


Electrical characteristics

Frequency range:
400 MHz to 3800 MHz,
Line configuration: RF/DC short-circuited

Return loss:
15 dB at 400 to 600 MHz,
19 dB at 600 to 800 MHz,
22 dB at 800 to 3800 MHz

PIM two tone test at 2x20W/43 dBm:

<-160 dBc, typ. <-165 dBc 700 MHz to 2200 MHz,
<-155 dBc, typ. <-165 dBc 400 MHz

RF Power rating:

10 W continuous,
40 W for 3 min periodic
at an ON:OFF ratio of 1:4, full rated up to 30 °C,
linearly derated to 5 W at 55 °C

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