Formerly Temex.  Crystal Osc/Filters for Space, Defence & high precision applications.
SAW-based products: OCSOs & UWB sub-systems for millitary application. Digital Pulse Compressions sub-systems (radar)



Xtal – Reso & Osc & Filters, VCTCXO , OXCO , VCO, Filters/Resonator/Oscillator / VCSO / Duplexer.


iPrecision Timing Solution , Smart Rubidium Oscillators Synchronization GPS/GNSS Reference Sources. Crystal, Rubidium & Passive Mazer Oscillators for Military, Avionics, Telecommunication & Space Application. Phase & Frequency measurement Instruments.




Connectivity Products include high speed signal switches and multiplexers, interface logic and voltage translation, power management,PCI/PCIe bridges and packet switches, Home Appliance, and Video Decoders.
Signal Integrity Products include ReDriver™ / Repeater products for PCIe, Ethernet, XAUI, SATA, SAS, USB3, HDMI, and DisplayPort.
Timing Products include quartz based Crystals and Crystal Oscillators, and silicon based clock generators and buffers, Real Time Clocks, and specialty timing products.


High stability, low phase noise oscillators, (XO, VCXO, TCXO, OCXO), Piezoelectric filters, Synthesized sources, Phase locked sources, High frequency oscillators (1 to 3GHz), Frequency distribution for Military, Professional and Telecommunications



SSPAs up to 50 GHz; RF Components (LNAs, filters, attenuators), Sub-System (Transceivers, Low noise Synth’), for Radar – ECM Application. Thin film capabilities