High-quality Cables & Connectors (board to board, quick lock, 4.3.10 etc), Antennas, Lightning & EMP protectors, Passive components for radio frequency, fiber-optics and low frequency.
Innovating products and services for the Communications, Transportation, Industrial, Military & Space markets




Formerly Chelton  RF & MW Filters (Ceramic, Cavity, Waveguide, Duplexers) and Modules (Mixers, CIL, Couplers, switches) for Defense, Space & Medical applications. Si Pin diodes (high power, SRDs), MOS Capacitors, Circulators & Isolators.


Formerly Temex.  Crystal Osc/Filters for Space, Defence & high precision applications.
SAW-based products: OCSOs & UWB sub-systems for millitary application. Digital Pulse Compressions sub-systems (radar)


Components & Microwaves Subsystems up to 40Ghz. Flight Termination Equipment (IRIG/Secure). SSPAs (up to 5KW); Up /Down Converters, Synthesizers, Transceivers.



SSPAs up to 50 GHz; RF Components (LNAs, filters, attenuators),  Sub-System (Transceivers, Low noise Synth’), for Radar – ECM Application. Thin film capabilities.


MMIC Amplifiers, Medium power ,Gain Block, IF Amplifiers, GPS/DVB/XM, LNAs, CATV/SMATV, LNA Modules up to Ku band. 1-stage & 2-stage Internally Matched Mini-modules: High Gain, Balanced LNA (couplers), Power Amplifier Modules and PLL Synthesizer & Transceivers Modules.



Signal Processing Components : “DC to 5Ghz”. Mixers( hIGH ip3), Driver/Combiner, Hybrid, Directional Coupler, Frequency Multipliers, I-Q Assembly.


Design, develop and manufacture SAW filters, SAW duplexers and SAW resonators in applications of Infrastructure, Mobile/Wireless, Automotive and Military. Products also include GPS, WiFi components such as Patch Antenna, Active Antenna and RF modules.




Passive MW components: : Loads, Directional Couplers, Hybrids, Waveguide transition. Widebend connectozied Isolators & Circulators (Coaxial, Drop-in, Waveguide) Duplexers.

Insight SIP

Design and Manufacture highly integrated custom (RF) systems and sub-systems based on System In a Package (SIP) approach, optimizing the technology choices (PCB, LTCC, Thin film, Thick film) for size, cost.


Precision Timing Solution , Smart Rubidium Oscillators Synchronization GPS/GNSS Reference Sources. Crystal, Rubidium & Passive Mazer Oscillators for Military, Avionics, Telecommunication & Space Application. Phase & Frequency measurement Instruments.


Focus on developing truly new designs capable of solving particular problems,  using  leading edge microwave technology with exceptional RF performance.

Products include GaAs & GaN PAs & LNAs, switches, TR modules, freq’ converters for defense and Space applications