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Power Inductors: Surface Mount, Through Hole, LPF Coils for Digital Amplifiers
Power Transformers: Surface Mount, T.H, PoE Transformers, Strobe Flash Transformers, Switching Mode Power Supplies , Reactors,
Magnetic Materials, EMC Coils: AC Powerline, DC Powerline, Normal Mode Chokes, Common Mode Chokes


LTCC Filter ,Balun , Power Inductor – Shield and Non shield Chip Inductor -Ferrite and Ceramic , Data Line Filter, CMC, Chocks, Transformers

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Soft Magnetical Ferrites for EMI Suppression, Signal Processing Power Applications-Magnetic Cores – E ,EI, EC, EQ, ER, Planner , Toroids


ID TECH -Automatic Identification Products including MagStripe, Smart and Contactless Card Reader/Writers, Bar Code readers, CCD scanners, POS Keyboards, and Secure PIN Entry products.  With standard products and custom solutions for the Point of Sale, Hospitality, Access Control, Transportation, Gaming, and Kiosk Industries

3L Electronics
Inductors and Power Inductors SMD+TH, Beads, Chokes, Toroid, Coils, High End Transformers, AC Line Filters.
American Zettler

ZETTLER Displaytronic is an industry leading, specializes in the design and production of: 1- LCD panels, LCD modules+OLED ,TFT 2.2″-8.4″ 2-Magnetics, Transformer (sealed), CMC, Custom design.

Arnold Magnetics

Magnet Products