Connectors & Cables

//Connectors & Cables
High-quality Cables & Connectors (board to board, quick lock,
4.3.10 etc), Antennas, Lightning & EMP protectors,
components for radio frequency, fiber-optics and low frequency.
Innovating products and services for the Communications,
Transportation, Industrial, Military & Space markets



Eelectrical, Electronic and fiber optic connectors and connection systems, as well as coaxial and flat ribbon cable.  These products are all manufactured in Amphenol facilities around the world, such as North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  Amphenol’s products and services reach thousands of OEM’s PCD


Connectors: PCB, D-Sub & Combo, FFC, USB, SMD, Power,Micro-Fit,Telephone jacks RJ45 with Filter & Leds telecom conn, Half-Pitch, Cable Assembly & Harness.



BTB narrow pitch , Board to Micro Coax, FFC conn, Led Conn, Fiber Optic conn


Connector & Cables manufacturer since 1994 , HQ in Atlanta, USA. Connectors : Card, RF, Mini-PCI , Audio & Video, DC power, I/O, Custom. RF Shield Cans & Cans Assemblies. Standard & Custom made Cable Assembly.

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Terminal-Blocks, IC Sockets & Headers SMD, Adaptors, Pin strip Low profile, Barrier Strip.

All Best

SFP+, QSFP+, CXP, XFP, InfiniBand, micro-D sub, External PCI-Express & Mini SAS, VHDCI &SCSI.



Wire harness, cable assemblies Connectors (BtB , WtB, WtW ), All kind of  Jacks.


Fine pitch Board To Board Solutions SATA and I/O Connectors. Cable Assembly & Cable harness.



Customized Connectors & Interconnect solutions, CardEDGE+ connectors, MagJacks , Waterproof Connectors.



products:Hybridconnectors (signal+power) Micro-fitHi® PowerConn, HPSU Connector, DDR3 + DDR4 socket, M.2 Conn, TYPE C USB 2nd gen 10G, connectors & cables, High Speed POGO PIN, MIM Product






• Pluggable Terminal Blocks
• Pcb Screw Terminal Blocks
• Pcb Spring Terminal Blocks
• Barrier Terminal Blocks
• Feed-through Terminal Blocks